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Abu Saada Granite Company


Abu Saada Granite Company was founded in 1990; we started selling natural and industrial custom-made marble, to comply with customers' needs. Obtaining the Gold Card from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Abu Saada Granite Company is ranked in Golden grade. We are now working to secure the quarter of the domestic market consumption of granite and marble.

Our work is concentrated on customized kitchens, bathrooms and tiles; we also own a wide variety of sinks. Abu Saada Granite deals with the major international companies that supply marble, and we afford competitive prices in the market, while we maintain quality and punctuality in our work.

Our company is an exclusive agent of Korean Samsung Company, which has permission from the world health Organization, and holds a 15-year warranty. Moreover, we solely produce American-industrial Corian material; this material has a unique forming method, where iron is soldered, so the piece is free of separation and assembly lines, and looks as one masterpiece.

Our Work:

The company implements all projects that are related to Granite. The company has also implemented large-scaled projects like:

  • Caritas Baby Hospital.
  • Shepherd Plaza Hotel.
  • Al-Quds Bank and its branches.
  • And many other projects.

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